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 “A wondrous potion from Madeleine’s Cream…” – The Sunday Telegraph


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The story of Madeleine’s Cream & Ointments …

“In my twenty years as a homeopath, I have prescribed for all kinds of skin problems, from eczema and psoriasis to cracked nipples and nappy rash. I searched for a cream or ointment that would be truly effective and fast-acting; that would soothe troubled skin and promote rapid healing but without suppressing the condition.

Over the years I developed my own recipe and called it Madeleine’s Cream

I combined a bouquet of organically-grown herbs, traditionally seen as great healers of

the plant kingdom -   calendula_thumbnail.jpg Calendula,       nettle1_thumbnail.jpg Urtica,     stellaria3_thumbnail.jpg Stellaria,

as well as a selection of flower and colour essences, and

 blended them all with a tiny dose of mineral carbon graphites_thumbnail.jpg,  

softening vitamin E oil,  vitamin-e-2_thumbnail.jpg  almond oil

and Siberian Cedar Nut Oil  

The word began to spread and I started to receive orders for Madeleine’s Cream from people I had not even met!”

Using this winning recipe, I have created a range of cream and ointments. 

The cream and ointments are all carefully hand-made; the Original recipe is unperfumed  so can be used and stored with homeopathic remedies.

The products are now also available in a deliciously Scented recipe, which adds Organic essential oils of

Rose geranium  and Lavender   

to the original unscented recipe. Buy them all online here

dsc_6017b.jpg The aqueous cream base is made with soya wax and has been used for dry skin, scars, tattoo after-care, eczema, psoriasis, urticaria, burns and also makes a truly fabulous moisturiser and cleanser. 

The lanolin-based ointment dsc_6040o.jpg may be used for nappy rash, cracked nipples, cold sores, chapped skin and is an excellent natural lip balm.

 The beeswax-based ointment  dsc_6043o.jpg  was created as an alternative to lanolin and is may also be used on nappy rash, cracked nipples, cold sores, chapped skin and is an excellent natural lip balm.

The cream and ointments are recommended and stocked by a growing number of alternative and complementary healthcare clinics and practitioners. Madeleine’s Cream and Ointments provide a soothing option for a patient’s ongoing skin problems while treatment for their various conditions takes time to unfold.

Read what patients and practitioners are saying about Madeleine’s Cream and Ointments:*

“What does one need to say about a cream that is perfect for all occasions: for consoling and healing those little everyday accidents, and above all for softening and smoothing dry or ageing skin (both in my case). It leaves hands silky smooth, with never, ever a trace of grease. I am giving little or larger pots away to delighted friends and family, and think it one of the best ‘presents‘ I ever received from anyone.” – Juliet B.

“I used to have terrible spots. I tried everything from expensive Clinique products to Body Shop stuff and never found anything that worked. Madeleine’s Cream and Ointment is the only thing that has actually cleared my skin. It moisturises brilliantly and has healed all scarring. I use the Cream as a cleanser, morning and night, and I put a fine layer of the ointment under make-up to give an even and radiant look! Who would have guessed that such a simple and inexpensive product would achieve these results?! Thank you Madeleine’s Cream for solving my skin problems!” – Louisa E., Glasgow

“I gave a pot of your wonderful cream to a patient who had been suffering from a lifelong problem with the skin on her face – terrible flaking and dryness. She had been using all kinds of hydrocortisones for years; within the space of a week it had cleared up and the improvement has been maintained. A miracle cream! Thank you for introducing it to me.” – Jean Draisy, Registered Osteopath

“I am an Ayurvedic massage therapist and one of my clients has been of concern to me in the last few weeks. Her back was extensively covered with velvety, mole-like patches, which she scratched to the point of bleeding. I expressed my concern and suggested she see a doctor. She assured me the matter was being dealt with and that she was consulting a Homeopath. Last week she came for a massage and to my utter astonishment, her back had healed up and her skin looked calm and not at all irritated. This was an incredible transformation after only two weeks. I asked my client what the miracle cure was and she told me about Madeleine’s Cream. I have therefore ordered the largest pot available to see if it will help with my partner’s psoriasis.”  - Louise Illig

“Before we discovered your cream, I would struggle with my conscience while my daughter’s eczema got worse and worse, then would end up putting on the steroid cream in desperation. It would be better for a while, then come back just as bad if not even more impossible to deal with. I felt so sorry for her and didn’t know what to do. Now we have the biggest pot of your cream in the bathroom and we both rub it all over after bathtime (it’s great for my dry skin too!) and she has no sign of eczema anywhere – many many thanks.” – A Grateful Mother

“Three months ago I had a sudden, violent outbreak of eczema which quickly became bright red, flaky and puffy skin on my eyelids and throat. It looked terrible! I tried all manner of creams and treatments (including prescription steroid cream and the hyper-expensive Creme de la Mer), but nothing worked until Madeleine gave me a pot of her fabulous Ointment. I’m happy to say that my condition is rapidly improving and almost back to normal after only a few weeks. I am so grateful for this wonderful and effective product.” – M Foster, Kent 

“Thank you so much for the ointment – nothing else has helped as much and so quickly. I will definitely be reordering when this runs out, and I will recommend it to friends.” - Sue E. Harrogate

*Please note that the comments above do not represent evidence and are the personal opinions of the customers. Madeleine’s Cream and Ointments are not meant to be used as a substitute for treatment. If you have any concerns about your health, you should contact your healthcare professional immediately.