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Psyche and Eros


Book now for this Musical Storytelling Extravaganza, featuring enchanting storytelling and glorious music from Greek traditional to Baroque. Or come to a workshop exploring the powerful archetypes in the story and how they speak to us today (details on request). For bookings or workshop please contact Madeleine or Stella - see below


   psyche and eros“Of bodies changed to other forms I tell…” – Ovid

 Psyche and Eros The Archetypal Love Story 

Told by Stella Kassimati & Madeleine Grove, Music by Robin Jeffrey & Alessandra Testai            

    Psyche and Erossmall-brown-butterfly.jpg  Psyche and Eros   small-brown-butterfly.jpg  Psyche and Eros


Winner in 2007 of an Argus Angel Award for Artistic Excellence at the Brighton Fringe Festival 

A story that has inspired writers, poets, artists and philosophers for thousands of years – a tale of trials and transformation. With sumptuous music, from Greek traditional to Purcell and Matthew Locke.

Such a great show…It really did blow our reviewer away”

Chris Cooke, Three Weeks Magazine

Enthralling, skilfully-told… these two amazingly talented storytellers engage with the audience brilliantly, using vivid language and imagery flawlessly”

Rachel Wheatley, Three Weeks

The four make a most impressive ensemble…The Jung Club was rapturous about ‘Psyche and Eros’!”

Julian David, Chairman,

C.G. Jung Analytical Psychology Club London   


 The listener feels that part of their own mystery is being unveiled… It hints at the healing of sexuality, creativity, art and love. Could you ask for more?”

Christopher Garvey, Principle,

Peredur School of Speech and Drama

“For me this was a performance so near perfect as to be greater than perfect. It felt like a total embodiment of myth…They open the listeners’ soul-ears and guide them through mystery, terror, peace, ecstacy, laughter, sex and awe, leading us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and life.”

Ben Fairlight, Troubador Storyteller

Psyche and Eros 

Enjoyed by a growing audience across the UK:  


Wonderful. I lost myself in the story”

An enchanting blend of seductive storytelling and sublime song”

The last time I was so enchanted, I was a tiny child”

Psyche and Eros Stella Kassimati comes from the village of Amari, in central Crete, where her family has lived for 40 generations amid olive groves and vineyards, Minoan shrines and sacred caves. Although Greek mythology and legend are an important part of Stella’s heritage, she discovered their full power only through studying the ancient art of storytelling at Emerson College, Sussex. She now fulfills her passion by bringing Greek myths to life for adults and children, in Greece and the UK, through a range of compelling workshops and storytelling performances, which include The Rule of DionysosGiannari and HaritiniTheseus and The Life of Herakles. Stella is Chair of the international association, “Friends of Amari”.  07765 977 149red-butterfly.jpg

 alessandra-robin.jpg  Alessandra Testai was born in the port city of Livorno, Tuscany, and has her musical roots in the varied traditions of Italian song – opera, classical recital repertoire and the popular songs of the street and countryside. She has sung solo roles in opera and oratorio in Italy, France, Cyprus and the UK, has taught classes in Italian song at the Royal College of Music in London. A regular visitor to Greece, Alessandra has a profound interest in Greek folk song, which she often incorporates into her solo recitals, accompanied by Robin.

As a player of the lute and related instruments, Robin Jeffrey has performed with many of the well-known names in the early music field, as well as the main national opera companies and theatres. His interest in Greek and Middle Eastern music has been nurtured over many years of visits to Athens and collaborations with Greek musicians. He is a founder member of the well-known Jewish music ensemble The Burning Bush, and performs British traditional music with the New Scorpion Band. During 2007 he was Musical Director on Othello at Shakespeare’s Globe.

01892 852 878

Psyche and Eros Madeleine Grove has a deep interest in the healing power of the ancient myths. Through 30 years’ work as a nurse and homeopath, and her interest in psychoanalysis, she has witnessed the profound transformations these stories can illuminate. A graduate of Emerson College School of Storytelling, her performances and workshops include Feeding the FemaleThe Royal RoadThe Power of Thirteen, and The Nature of the Heart. She is co-founder of the School of Therapeutic Storytelling in East Sussex. 

Ring Madeleine on: 01342 825 649

“The way of the Creative works through change and transformation” – Alexander Pope